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Originally posted by JJF
Hi Damion!
Great post. I can't help noticing your description of walking down the road and showing your martial intent. What I've been discussing with my sensei is the ´good vibrations' one can eminate while walking down the street (please forgive if I'm sounding too 'californish' here ). I agree that the first thing that creates a victim is looking like a victim, but instead of looking like a lion, I would prefer to look like perhaps a kind elephant (I'm around 185 pounds anyway ). Maybe we talk about the same thing but what I'm getting at is, that if your radiance gives the impression of a warrior with a mighty power kept under a lid, then you create nothing good - just fear or unease. If you on the other hand give the impression of being a happy, ballanced well ajusted (sp.) person/creature that smiles to the world, then you can perhpaps create a good feeling of harmony in the world surrounding you.
My aikido side agrees with you completely. There are days where I try to radiate joyful energy, but my conditioning get the better of me.

Besides I prefer to think of myself as a force of nature rather than an animal. Like a flowing river, or better yet a flowing river of lava, fluid and all consuming.

One does not beg the sun for mercy.
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