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Re: Budo vs Martial Art ?

Someone like Ellis Amdur is probably more qualified to expound on this than me, but the distinction between jujutsu and Brazillian jiu-jitsu is not about looking down on anything. It's a historical distinction. "Jujutsu" in Japanese encompasses the varieties of unarmed combat systems created in Japan before the Meiji Restoration. Judo, created in the Meiji Era, is not now considered jujutsu (although at the time the terms were basically interchangable), nor is aikido, which as an independent art is definitely dated to the 20th century. BJJ is a 20th century descendant of Judo, and has been largely refined and developed in a foreign country, so from a nomenclature POV it simply can't be classified with jujutsu. It's methods of training and transmission are also different from jujutsu ryuha. It's not a matter of looking down on BJJ.

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