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Re: Budo vs Martial Art ?

Don Magee wrote:
When Rickson was in japan in the movie choke, and when I watched him do the demo in pride. He just called it jiujitsu.

I would assume the Japanese would also just call it jiujitsu. It's really not all that different.
No, they do not call it "jujutsu" because it is not a koryu art. The article does state that when many people say "jujutsu" these days, it's an abbreviated reference to BJJ. But it's not grouped in with jujutsu because they're considered rather different animals.

I checked some earlier drafts of the BJJ wiki page, and initially it was referred to as a kakutogi. In the course of revisions, it got chopped off (essentially, from "BJJ is a kakutogi that was" to "BJJ was..."), probably for compositionally cosmetic reasons rather than any philosophical leanings about one word or another. Can't really be sure, though, since unlike the English page, the discussion page is completely unused!

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