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wow! lots of great posts. as a former TKD student i can say that without a doubt high kicks work, but it depends on the situation. one should set up the high kick with a low kick, like a boxer's 1-2 (jab-straight) combo. that being said high kicks take alot of streching to maintain. since i've quit TKD (which was some time ago) i've also quit streching (regularly). i can still throw the 3 basic kick (front, roundhouse, and side), and some variations like step-side, and spinning roundhouse kicks. but the lack of practice has really left most of my spinning back kicks below par. plus i can't kick above the sternum. i used to be able to kick apples off people's heads (like a TKD william tell), but not anymore. if i was in a situation that i couldn't get out of, high kicks would not be my priorty. i would snap kick to the man-berries or step side kick to the front (or side) of the knees. also i wouldn't kick higher than that because of the lack of balance involved. that being said muay thai using an arsenal of low kicks as well as the high kicks mentioned earlier. i do love to watch muay thai, but the thought of kicking with my shins brings back painful soccer memories. speaking of which why do we call football, soccer and rugby(well american rugby), football? they (american footballers)don't even use their feet...well not that much anyways.
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