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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Justin wrote:

Of course, the logical mistake you're making is trying to make this about my martial skill or lack of, which was never a relevant issue since I am asking questions of internal theorists' claims. Plus I've already mentioned I've done such things qith dojos and invididual (though not with the dojo you recommended, although I did watch there) and in each case came away thinking that there is something there that is very nice but just regular ol external in the end.
So what good would a video do. You admit that you were able to watch a class and determine that what was going on could be explained as external.

I think the big mistake you make is taking a dualistic western view of the world. Every thing to you is black and white....can be explained in terms of positive/negative, good/bad, right/wrong.

I don't really think you can split things into internal and external exclusively, these are simple words that help us reduce complicate things into manageable concepts.

I really don't understand internal and what it is as compared to....what???? what is internal? everyone talks about it, but can't explain.

I can start a technique from a thought or a perception, I suppose this is internal...the action I take is of course external! So for every phenomena that you observe, you will reduce it to, "yeah, whatever, that is just plain ole physics!"

Don't believe a bunch of cranky old martial artist.

Many of the brightest minds in science have reached conclusions that things are much more complicated in the world than we think.

How about there are no absolutes.. Quantum phyiscist have reached that conclusion. Vibrational energy does exsist at the sub atomic level, the changes in vibrations affect the overall structure of things. Wow, that sounds very familar to me. This are not tai chi dudes, but scientist!

I'd recommend several things:

The Quantum and the Lotus ISBN 0-609-60854-1
The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene ISBN 0-375-72720-5
A decent video, albeit somewhat skeptical and suspect, but makes you think, "What the Bleep to we know?"

Also, on a simplier level. If we sparred NHB, and I was able to beat you by simply laying on you and moving gently and not even get out of breath....while you are gasping for air and using all your might to keep me from submitting you...what do you call that?

I use the skills of kokyu, timing, breathing, and all that stuff....while you'd be using simply physical strength. Is it mystical? No, is it external...most certainly....but can it also be internal? Absolutely. It all starts with a mindset, a thought, a perception, and an action based on an interpretation of the things around me.
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