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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Jimmy, hopefully I did not insinuate that you'd have anything but an open mind! Good to see you are out there!

Looks like I am moving back to DC area here this spring, they want me back at the building! I am looking for houses in the Barcroft area, so should be close by the dojo! Cannot wait to start training again on a regular basis!

I too am a skeptic, BTW, of much of this, and especially of those that tend to say "I know something that you don't", that said, it is quite possible, and I am of the school too, "prove it to me". I think that is a very healthy attitude to have.

I do however, stop short (i hope I do at least), of saying emphatically that some one is wrong or cannot do it, simply because of my lack of ability to conceive or because I have a simplistic, reductionist view of how things work.

I don't need to travel around the world to realize that it is somewhat round and not flat as was thought of (I guess some people still believe that too though!).
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