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Mike Sigman
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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Justin Smith wrote:
I thought my questions have been pretty clear already.

-I'm looking for clear reasoning that distinguishes what some call 'internal' from 'external' without their reasoning amounting to talking about 'external' in other (typically ill-defined, subjective, unmeasurable, or undistinguishable from 'external') terms.

-Video of someone using the 'ground strength vector' sparring effectively with high levels of contact and resistance, with explanation of how it differs from regular ol' sparring.

-Clear explanation why Internal = Extermal + Something. What is that something else? Can it be objectively measured?
I've actually answered this question more than a few times on the forum. You don't really want the answer, you just want to argue and attempt to disparage. Frankly, I post some fairly clear descriptions knowing full well that most people will gloss over them and that's as it should be. The people who want to know will search for information everywhere and wouldn't spend so many hours of their day trying to play 'gotcha' with "Walter Sigman" and other completely aberrant games.

For you to be so fanatically devoted to Cheng Man Ching that you host webpages for him and yet you don't know what jin is... that's actually hilarious. And I'd like for you to stay that way. It's Karma at its best. And as I said... CMC attempted to explain what jin was, so why not see if you can figure out what he meant? Maybe you can write letters demanding to see CMC in some match with an MMA fighter to prove that his stuff was any good or that jin has value?

But why don't you ask the same questions on the Cheng Man Ching list, BTW? I'm told that you don't seem to have that same curiosity on that list.... a list which people are reportedly leaving rapidly because too many nuts have gotten on it.


Mike Sigman
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