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Mike Sigman
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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Jim Sorrentino wrote:
Mike, you're not implying that I fit that diagnosis, are you?
No, I was thinking of Justin's pal Stephen J. Goodson and Justin himself. Goodson is a member of the DC Area Skeptics and he talks and reasons just like Justine does. Constant "Skeptics" like Goodson and Smith are notoriously comprised of more than their share of Apergers types.

Generally, the people who post, regardless of all the answers and previous lengthy discussions (as Justin does), the same questions over and over, in the same negative connotations, are the "Skeptics" who actually are evincing a personality disorder. A quick look at Justin's posts, for example, would show that we're not dealing with someone who wants answers, but someone with a perpetual grudge and a fixation. I think we should recognize that sort of person is not there to reason and just shut them out of the discussion. He ignores all invitations to "go see", so it's pretty obvious that he really doesn't want to know... he wants to hear his own narrow views parrotted back at him.

My opinion, FWIW

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