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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Justin Smith wrote:
I'm not saying actual skills don't exist. I'm saying what has been offered as what distinguishes them from regular ol' external skills is not convincing. That is, all explanations point to regular ol' external stuff.
Good ol' Justin talkin' bout Good ol' external skills and good ol' normal physics. None o dat strange eastern mumbo jumbo.

Why did you start Aikido again? Were you out to learn something new, or did you just want to study it so you could talk about how it has nothing to do with ki but rather GOOD OLD NORMAL physics.

You seem to think Ki is really tough to describe, maybe some have a hard time, but jut pick up a copy of 'ki in daily life' or any of Koichi Tohei's other books, and I garuantee you'll have the clearest and most clear descriptions you can imagine.

I'm sorry that you're so anti-poetic, romantic, mystical, religious, or anything besides 'good ol' western materialism, but I would urge you to consider that this other 'stuff' is some of the most enriching aspects of life.

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