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Question hmmm

Originally posted by Arianah

People think that coming up on both feet is easier?
Not easier... it hurts less. But if you got the principle down, you need not be "coming up on both feet".

In the dojo, I was taught to get directly to a standing position. But then, when I was practicing with Ki-no-Kenkyu-Kai, it is told that I shouldn't be directly standing up.

The principle of ukemi waza is basically the same as any waza:
- Keep centered (one point - itten)
- Keep focus and readiness (zanshin)
- Keep one mind and body
- Keep safe
- If you're into it, keep the flow of Ki.

What is the point of coming on both feet if you could fall down again by a light touch.The purpose of being in a shiko position first after an ukemi waza, is to regain all the principles above, that is if it was lost during the ukemi. If one could come up on both feet while keeping the principles, than do so.
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