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Ai symbol Again...

You got me thinking again Lost-san...

Ah... so Tai-Chi originally came from Bu-Tong-Pai (Wu Tang Clan - not the rapper group). Anyway...

Now I see what you mean by differing between an Aikidoka and a martial artist. Your analogy of the lion as a "martial animal" interests me. But it is still an animal nonetheless. We humans are blessed/cursed with strong emotions. It is our strongest yet it is our weakest.

I try to keep a sense of honor, not pride. The word of my sensei that sticks to me even to this day is, "If I have to die by the sword, I will do so with honor." (Not meaning killing myself or recklessly engaging a fight). I will bleed for the protection of the ones I loved, and I will bleed for my honor and the honor of my family.

Warriors and heroes? I know my heart cries out, but my body lays still.
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