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This is probably more suited to a philosophy(?) class, but here goes.

It seems that the word fear gets thrown around a lot in public. If someone does/feels like A, fear must be an underlying reason.

Some examples 1) hate of anything/anybody 2) wanting to train hard with the goal of being able to defend themselves 3) looking under your car and in the back seat before opening the door (for those in the know, I saw it from Mas Ayoob on Personal Defense TV).

I guess I always believed that the reasons for 2 & 3 were only dealing with the reality of the world we live in.

I'm wondering for some if this has something to do with projecting how the person should feel based on how the person that says its fear feels about such practices?

Personally, I think its funny that someone puts the fear moniker on someone who they don't know. Also, I don't see why its such a big deal to admit fear (I'm afraid of snakes and sometimes heights), and thus the underlying reason (or fear) wouldn't really be "underlying" after all.

Any thoughts from those who may think that someone has fear because of their actions or beliefs, or those who think the same as me?
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