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Re: Budo vs Martial Art ?

Joshua Reyer wrote:
Not a bad article. I applaud them for getting the etymology for "bu" down, rather than going for the "feel good" etymology of "stopping spears". Unfortunately, they goofed with the non-existing word "Bujitsu".

I think martial discipline works fine.
The old problem of, -jutsu getting turned into --jitsu in English…

Fighting Arts wrote:
The first character meaning "foot" has also come to mean stop, based on the idea of planting the foot. Taken in conjunction with the second character of "halberd," "bu" can be thus interpreted as a means to stop a weapon (conflict), or to gain peace. This is consistent with the idea of practicing budo to achieve both inner and outer peace.
I'd never heard of this radical ever meaning "foot" but apparently back in China it's the pictographic meaning (; In Japanese, it's a very common kanji meaning "stop" or "halt": 止as in止める (tomeru) or止め (yame!). 足 (ashi) is foot or leg.
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