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Re: Get Real/ On the street

All this is philosophically speaking.....but....

IMO, soldiers don't give you anything, that view of things says that military is separate and distinct from everything else. We all participate in acts of war as a world. If it is through our loved ones in the military, the ones that go and never return. The tax dollars that we pay, the officials that we elect, the oil and gas that we use mindlessly...the things we buy in the stores....the every day choices that we make.

Do not want to get political, but I think we need to consider sometimes the whole perspective on things. There is much more at stake and many, many third order effects in what we do, think, say.

Anyway, I think that the real enemy is not the guy that might mug us on the streets, or the bar fight we might get into, but Fear that is the real enemy.

Courage and bravery are interesting subjects.

If we live our lives in fear of what may happen and gear all our actions around mitigating that risk. Say like some of those wacky survivalist (on the extreme end of things), have we really won? Or did we become so consumed with "not losing" that we did not realize our potential happiness?

Cowards build walls, fences, and arsenals to keep from losing. Heroes go out and embrace the enemy and show him another option. Heroes also inspire people to action in a positive manner.

It is good to have the tools and skills to protect ourselves from things, but how do we use those tools for the better of ourselves and our enemy?

We may pop him in the face today, kill him, but he will be back tomorrow or prey on someone weaker, or someone else will replace him. How does violence ever solve the real problem?

I don't think it does.

A while back we had a pretty good discussion on a thread about the issue of avoidance.

This is a tricky subject....

If you confront violence with violence it doesn't necessarily fix the problem. If you avoid the problem it doesn't necessarily fix the problem either.

There is a delimea!

How do you deal with a school yard bully? If you beat him up and humiliate him, does it solve the problem? If you avoid him does it solve the problem?

Again, I know this is all philosophical, but I would like to think that aikido is a model designed to provide us with a much deeper skill set than overwhelming skill and firepower to subdue our enemy physically.
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