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Ki Symbol Re: Get Real/ On the street

I agree with the turning of the tide of our military evolution. But I don't expect (nor do I want) to see our soldiers running in with a bow and arrows or a sword to take care of business. I'm not complaining about the military at all either. I respect them for everything they give us.

The point I was trying to make (obviously badly) was that teaching civilians practical self-defense is necessary for their personal growth and courage (or confidence in themselves). We are threatened here on our own soil by the criminal threat. We can't ask the soldiers or police to be every where at once and I may need to defend myself and my family against some scum bag who decided to think he was going to take an old past time of ancient rulers to take whatever they want. So I'll have to take up the old past time of the servants and fight back against my threat to let them know if you come here you will lose.

Avoidance is keen (and best for any situation) but that and only reducing the risk at times is just not enough. Thank you for the response and I respect what you shared.

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