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I think we are just be defining 'hurt' differently...

I AM a military officer, and that fills any martial need I have 24/7. Personally, I didn't come to Aikido for any warrior aspect or tradition---the USAF has kindly already provided one for me.

As for gratuitous pain infliction:

Once I know someone is interested in teaching me how to hurt someone I already have under control, it is usually the last class I attend, either 'ever', or for a long long time... I'm looking for how to control myself, but I recognise that is not everyone's goal... I don't say they shouldn't teach 'hit them when they're down', just saying it doesn't interest me.

Besides, as a small nage, it seems to me to be in my best interest to not give a bigger uke a reason to rejoin the fight: if I'm going to inflict pain anyway, what have they got to loose. But, as in all things, I could be wrong...
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