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The author's reply ...

Originally posted by unsound000
I've found in training in different dojo's over the years that few are able to emphasize both safety and "realism".
Good for you! Sad fact, people get hurt on the mat, somewhere, every day. My wife, Emily (I'm posting on her account right now), practiced in a very soft aikido style for many years and has had a couple of fairly serious injuries, once she was off the mat for more than two months (crutches for several weeks, a cane for several more). Despite that, she went on to earn shodan ranking in that dojo.

Frequently, injuries, accidents and such get swept under the mat, so to speak. That's even more worrisome than the very idea of getting banged up in the dojo.

Yet, it can be done. I find it sad that dealing with unnecesary pain and injuries is seen as a given in this article both to [/quote]

Yes, given. After 27 years on the mat, I've seen folks in very hard styles and very soft styles. Seen folks in every kind of dojo situation you can imagine.

If you're training the body, you stand a chance of injury. Period. It's a human thing. We break. True, an eye toward safety is required and you can train hard without injury, but somewhere, sometime, somebody's gonna get hurt.

The article in question, BTW, was in response to a friend who was considering quitting aikido training because she was afraid _she'd_ hurt someone.

Truth: If you put the human body onder the kind of stresses budo training engenders, people are going to get hurt. We can reduce the incidence, keep BAD accidents to a minimum, improve our safety -- and trust me, in my dojo, we practice hard and with a very vigilant eye to safety. We get some bangs and bruises, but in the dojo, things are pretty safe.

point though, that you should keep training and that we face our own demons on the mat. [/quote]

And that was, exactly, the point.

Maybe the author should also think more about practicing more safety or practicing at a different dojo.[/quote]

Not necessary and no, I doubt seriously I'll be practicing in another dojo anytime soon (except for visits and seminars, of course). Thanks, for your concern, though.

Chuck Gordon

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