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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Yeah. Ok I can agree with that.
But Ukemi, which is, in its purest sense -receiving someones technique- is and can be a complex subject all by it self. Sometimes to help them, and bring them along. Some times to help you...while helping them. And sometimes to fully engage and do everything you can bring to bear. Which...oops helps you again while helping them....
In many respects Takeda, Sagawa, Ueshiba were doing their taking Ukemi.
Folks just didn't see they were following the classic model all along.
There they were, standing. And you were doing things to them and they were responding by receiving your technique.
In the fullness of time, everyone morphed it back at them as if they were uke in attacking and "thought" of it backward. That they were receiving technique... instead of the reality that they were receiving their teachers Ukemi in response to the students attack.
I think it is the chief reason the core of the art got missed. The roles got reversed withut many even knowing or seeing why, how or where.
It was never so much about "doing" something to the others guy. At the root it was you working on you. And changing you and receiving. not trying to always "Do" something to someone.
Its all ......Ukemi.
Which is Why Takeda said it was a defensive art to begin with.

And perhaps the main reason Ueshiba bellowed "This is not my AIkido" when he went back to the Dojo of Kissomaru.

Cheers and Happy holidays to all

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