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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Michael Reis wrote:

The Army is being taught the practical applications of martial arts (which is the real manner of a martial art to use for war) but they use it to fight the enemy in very hostile type environments. What do I care what their being taught in the hand-to-hand arena any how. They will not use it as much as their assault rifle. I just pray our military is training them in that manner a little more
The U.S. Army today is transforming significantly and rapidly the way it trains soldiers for combat. In the cold war we concentrated on the large battle...tanks and armor with overwhelming firepower and manuever from a distance.

Today, we are finding that we depend on the individual more and more. It is interesting to see the evolution of technology back to the basic warrior. The individual soldier on the battlefield.

Today you would find soldiers training more in Modern Army Combatives, (BJJ for the most part), lots of stick time with his rifle in various shooting positions and also training in escalation of force. We are becoming more like the Marines in the sense that "every soldier is a infantrymen first".

We are finding that it is important to be strong and tough and to appear unstoppable, but also be able to show kindness, compassion and geniune concern.

Are we there yet? No, but we are evolving back to the roots of Budo, IMO.

You are correct that what we tend to practice in martial applications is traditionally applied in a narrow bandwidth to train for max effectiveness, but we are finding out also that we must train for a more complete spectrum at the same time.

It all boils down to time and priorities.

For civilians there isn't really a need to be concerned about all the stuff, especially when the best martial application might be avoidance or risk reduction.

What is most important for civilians is learning, much as we are finding is valuable in the military, to be good people and citizens, to watch our health, to learn to be team players and develop character, competence, compassion, and courage.

These are the best reasons IMO to study martial arts!
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