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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Are we? I dunno... going back to Ellis' initial post, that "ukemi kept him young"...and ... "he would proceed to ease himself creakily onto the mat".... maybe we need both "types" of ukemi?

I know if I've been sitting at the computer too long, a few good throws would give me a nice "massage" and loosen things up again... in a way that standing does... only different.
Well to each their own....all due respect I don't buy that as a method for me to build me. That' just blood flow and movement.
I do other things. I've been sitting here drafting for 14 hours interupted by rounds of solo work. Great message and the mental work (why doesn't anyone ever talk about the mental rush in all this?) is extremely stimulating.
Anyway, standing.... up.... can involve very low squatting postures and lengthy low slung strides. Dunno about anyone else but my body training translates real swell into
a. Becoming extremely difficult to throw.
b. Becoming taught and flexible at the same time
c. Having the body to take a throw without needing to train to fall down in the first place.
d. Then there's standing... standing.

I mean since we are talking about ukemi.
And I guess I could point out the CMA old guys who in their later years.were not rolling around on the ground.Yet they are flexible and powerful.

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