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Mike Galante
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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Mars rules Aires and co rules Scorpio.
Male aries will kill you, chop off your head.
Female Scorpio will sting you and poison you, the higher aspect of Scorpio is the transformation of the lower snake/scorpion into the mythical phoenix bird of spiritual transcendence. It overcomes it lower nature and rises to the heavens. Scorpio, when positive can be a great healer. they can take disease and bring it to health. Just like usheba, he takes hatred and turns it into love.
Mars is exhalted in Capricorn where its passion and impetuosity are tamed and cooled and directed and organized. Mars is happy in fire, water and earth, it is not happy in the intellectual air.
Martians are not intellectuals, they get too bored too fast. They like action.
They take the ideas from the intellectuals and act upon them.
Mars will listen to no one but the King. They are not about the sacrifice their lives for a lesser rank.
All the BEst,
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