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Re: Behavior

Amanda Sterling wrote:
How has Aikido affected your behavior? I find, that aside from the common answers of heightened awareness, and acute balance, etc, I am greatly altered because of my training.
I have no sense of personal space, because Aikido is such and up close and personal art.
When I enter a room, I automatically note all the entrances, exits, and good hiding places.

And on another note, does anyone ever worry that we might develop masochistic tendencies because of the ukemi shocks to our bodies? There has been more than one time when nothing relieved the tight stresses in my body except a nice slam into the mat.

I find that I ignore pain a lot of times, like I'm used to it. Does this happen to anyone else?

How are your habits altered?
Hi, when learning Aikido, you are brought to the threshold of a bigger world. When doing so, your sense of self will change. All you are experiencing is your little self. Your fighting self. Big self will not feel this way. Big self will alter your perception and your force field. Uke and enemies disappear because you no longer see the world the same way. At that point your Ki has taken you into a much larger infinite world. That is why it is so wonderful, it cannot be mastered in one or 10 years. If you use terms like "masochism, you are buying into a psychology model of a person. The spiritual person has learned to detach from his body and sees more, senses more, knows when the attacker is coming before he comes. Ask a psychologist about ki, see what they say. Ask them about the soul, see what they say. these are earth bound philosophies.
If uke is keeping mind in the center, then ukemi becomes softer, even break falls. It is very healthy to take ukemi.
ignoring pain is a good thing. if you hold on to it, you create blocks, of fear, which weaken you. Why focus on pain, keep a positive mind and you will become stronger. stay in your one point and you will not be hurt.
Don't buy into the martial aspect of Aikido, that is merely the form, the essence is to transcend the lower self and be reborn at one with the universal life force (ki). - Phew!
All the Best

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