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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

I don't think Dan is being cryptic or obtuse...

Learning ukemi, what Dan refers to as the "active" sort - actually, it would be more appropriate to call it "passive" , where one learns to take a fall from a throw is fun and a good endurance/conditioning workout. BUT at some point, one must move beyond to the next level, where the student needs to learn to discern and exploit the windows of opportunity for kaeshi and henka.

I think this is what Dan is saying?

If you care about your students, you'd take ukemi for them and help them learn faster by foiling their technique, reversing it on them, allowing them to lock you and attempt to throw - then reversing it, and by being immovable and unlockable - to get them to YOUR level where they can start to defeat your technique in precisely the same way.... so that YOU can learn too. Selfish ulterior motive? Perhaps....

Because, there is no difference between ukemi of the outward variety (falling over) and the internal ukemi one is doing as nage. They are 2 sides of the same coin. ONE and the SAME thing.

The problem is, most people see that as being a "jerk", not knowing nor understanding that it provides them with a GOLDEN opportunity to study WHY their technique didn't work and HOW to fix it. And often they will resort to muscular force in an attempt to make it work, which then presents you with the opportunity to test how unlockable or immovable you can make yourself.... amongst other things....

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