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A great Article and even better title! It really made me consider my thoughts about Aikido. Often before i go to train i find that a part of me internally resisits going to train.It is not physical laziness or that i have other things to do. I think it is resistence to facing the internal demons that aikido teaches one to confront. I have also noticed this in the faces of fellow Aikidoka when they are walking up to the dojo. Many anad i mean Many times i will see faces that are pensive and serious. it as though they know too that they going to face themselves andas they are walking to the dojo they are processing this challenge that lays before them. Ofcourse after several hours of trianing their spirits are lifted and their expressions seem lighter. I can't tell you how many times people have said "I am so glad i decided to come today" despite the fact they did not feel like or that they had other engagements...

Great Article let us all keep confronting our demons.....

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