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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

Lol I have a facebook group that is just like this

Group Info Name: AA (Aikiholics anonymous)
Type: Sports & Recreation - Martial Arts
Description: This is a support group for people who find themselves addicted to Aikido. You may be suffering (or enjoying) an Aikido addiction if you answer yes to one or more of the following:

You do 3-4 loads of white laundry per week

You especially buy white clothing and towels so you can have a full load when you wash your gi

You pay membership at two different dojos

You consider the people at your home dojo your real family

You have more pictures on your wall from aikido than parties and vacations

Your plans for spring break include visiting other dojos

An ideal birthday includes an Aikido seminar

Minor bruises are such a natural occurrence your friends think they are birthmarks

You were called into your counselor's office in high school because she attributed your black eye to an abusive relationship

You spend more time on Aikido than you do sleeping

You don't complain about not having a life, you just think that going to Aikido every night is a perfectly suitable one.

You think wooden weapons make the best Christmas presents

You use duck tape to mend everything (cuts, sprains, ripped clothing)

You tell jokes that usually include the line "grab my wrist buddy"

You think the best hugs end in somebody falling down

You think the 15 minutes between classes is for practicing MORE Aikido

You sometimes look really stupid in public because you accidentally bow when talking to someone

You entertain your friends by taking forward rolls on concrete

You dust the kamiza in the dojo more than you dust in your own room

You are constantly tempted to throw your boyfriend/girlfriend into a sweet kotagaeshi break fall when you are holding hands

You sit in seza all the time because it is now comfortable

You knee walk instead of bending over

When making a decision your first thought is, what would Ueshiba do?

You're day isn't complete if you can stand up at the end of it

The harder you're beaten, the more you know you're loved

You hold hands with sweaty old men every night

You wear your gi pants around the house because they're so damn comfortable

You get really mad at jackets when the lapel buttons with the right side on top

If nobody can tell you are limping because something is screwed up on both sides of your body

You think it's funny to gross your friends out with your swollen appendages.

Every night you practice "beer waza" or "fooditachi"
(this one was added by the older members of Aikido of N CO because I'm not old enough to practice beer waza just yet)

You are pretty much freaking awesome because Aikido is the bomb!!!!!!!
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