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Ok, slightly OT, but the end applies to aikido.

Originally posted by jk

How long have you trained in tai chi? How many tai chi people have you challenged to a fight?

Approximately 2.5 years, in both Yang and Chen style, under my aikido sensei, and an ex-chinese national champion(in forms).

I haven't challenged many tai chi people to a fight, but I have heard and seen some really disturbing things.

Firstly, that practicing a form( like a kata, a set of martial movements ), will teach you everything you need to know to defend yourself - which, from my own experience, does not happen.

Secondly, that pushing hands ( a tai hci exercise ), is the pinncale of tai chi self defense training. Nonsense - there are two person fighting sets ( known as san sau).

Thirdly, the emphasis on tai chi self defense, seems to be on pushing an attacker away. You can push someone rather hard using tai chi, but they will just get back up and hurt you badly.

I suggest, if youre game, to have a look at two sites -

Firstly, Peter Lim's excellent tai chi history site, where he mentions something called small frame practice - a martially
intended practice - and fa jin -bascially, how to strike an attacker in a relaxed way. Interesting how few ever mention this.
Small frame -

Secondly, have a look at Erle Montaigue's site. He teaches "Old Yang style Tai Chi" - in other words, tai chi with its full martial intent. Have a look at "The demsie of taijiqaun".
Before you dismiss this guy as a fraud, or something, I suggest that you have a look at what the Chinese Wushu Organization, in China, thought of him.

"One of my Aikido sempai (personal interest sempai) also trains in tai chi. I once made similar comments about tai chi and martial intent and was soon corrected"

Obviously, you can find martial intent when you look for it. But how many tai chi people go out, and and train in it? The same applies to aikido, methinks. You can ask most people who have done form work to give you an application, but has it been learnt to a point where it can be used properly, or is it a nice added extra?

While this might be a bit off-topic , i think that aikidokas should make a concerted effort to prevent this from happening. Look at this week's poll.

Thanks, sorry for the lack of tact,

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