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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
If that kid's still doing Aikido he'll have a lot to BOAST about - I threw Ueshiba! Well, almost; well, not quite; well, actually, not at all. He just sat down before the kid did anything.


It was entertaining to see how Ueshiba was putting the kid's arms and hands in position and basically guiding him through the technique and gently sitting down to indicate that the technique was "completed." And the look on that kid's face is priceless... kind of "Wow, cool! I laid the Old Man down!" combined with a sheepishness that betrays even a young boy's knowledge that the "Old Man" had done the whole thing for him.

Once, a professional (and outstanding) photographer I was working with wanted me to take a picture of him sitting next to the message wall outside Graceland. He stood in my place, set the shutter speed and aperture, positioned me in the exact spot, put the (very expensive, professional, German made) camera in my hands and showed me where the button was, then went to take his pose and told me when to push the button. The photo came out fantastic. Wow. I must be a great photographer.

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