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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Mike Sigman wrote:
No offense, Dan, but I've asked this before. WHAT is with this constant year-in, year-out reminder that Ueshiba got some of what he learned from Takeda??? It's pretty much an accepted deal by everyone I know that yes, DR played a big part in Ueshiba's background. You've just about flayed a dead-horse into the next universe, IMO.


Mike Sigman
You missed the point Mike. Mark was speculating why others don't get what the few have. I don't have a provable answer, do you?
Mostly its just more questions and speculations. I do always try to expand it beyond Ueshiba to others in the Aiki arts who were just as good, -though Ueshiba's own students considered Takeda better. Many considered Sagawa amazing. Takeda taught thousands but so few got it.
It does nothing to take away from Ueshiba. Its more of a broader quesion of that whole "Aiki" milue.....which Ellis researching....Why wasn't it openly taught or was it?
It leaves many to ask "What the heck?"
I will openly speculate that were we to follow folks around at home.....they aren't doing the work.


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