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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Dan Harden wrote:
Assumptions are quirky things, Mike. And great fun.

You don't teach people to surrender?
No, I most certainly don't.

Dan Harden wrote:
But you already said you threw yourself away from a punch as a begginer. And then again when more advanced.
And what makes you assume I encourage my students to do the same thing?

Dan Harden wrote:
Then offered here that your new students opt for ukemi from a lock.
New students yes. Not once they get much higher than that. Not everyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Not everyone is physically strong enough to resist such a technique and learn from it like that. The purpose of doing things that way is to build students up rather than teach them that all aikido is is a way for the teacher to tear them down with pain. I leave that to the thugs you find elsewhere. Then when people discover they have collected too many injuries over the years as a result of training in a brutal fashion they come to us and find that they were rather stupid for doing it that way. Smashing your knuckles against a brick wall until they bleed is something only an idiot does. Picking up joint injuries from training at full resistance from the start is another thing only a fool would do. I'm not trying to break people, not tryng to teach them to surrender, my goal is to get them to my level of ability so that I have more people to practise with and learn from. That's all.

Dan Harden wrote:
That pretty much sums it up for me.
I was only suggesting there is a better way to train the body-and the response.
But lets save this for somewhere else. It doesn't belong in this thread.
It is the idea of ukemi and who takes it that is at hand.

I think you need to clarify what you mean by 'surrender', but as you say its for another thread perhaps. I'll only add here that I dod NOT say that I threw myself again while more advanced. I said he would probably have to hit me now to make it have an effect, I never said that effect was that I threw myself. Although I didn't say it wasn't to be fair.

Getting back to the who takes ukemi idea. Are you sure you're just not confusing sutemi with ukemi? How would you define the difference and when would you advocate one over the other? Especially as you used the word surrender.


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