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Originally posted by Sid
Thats like saying, "Is tai chi a martial art"?
or "is someone who does tai chi a martial artist"?

The answer, generally, is a profound no, because some idiot got hold of it and got rid of every last drop of martial intent.

Thus, most tai chi "master"'s would get severly hurt in a fight.

All I can do is pray that aikido doesn't go the same way.

I applaud your desire to present a strong opinion, but wouldn't it be more diplomatic to say "most of the tai chi I have observed/practiced contains very little martial intent?"

I'm sure you can find examples of tai chi with plenty of martial intent, if you are so inclined.

At any rate, doesn't the subject we're supposed to be discussing become a matter of semantics? As in what's your definition of an "aikidoka?"

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