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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

I have to thank Larry Camejo for 'getting' what I said, if only so I'm not stoned to death behind the dojo sometime soon. I thank Erick for stimulating my mind, and especially those of rank and prestige - for putting up with my 'in your face' type of training here. I hope it shows what fine people my Senseis and Shihan are, for putting up with me regularly.

Erick, I'll just say regarding the 'dynamic boundary' concept - I find it odd that you choose to describe someone (however influential and enormous in stature in life) whom has passed from this life, as 'dynamic'.

(My gyrocopter instructor said you helicopter guys are 'sexier', and the girls know it. I only have to do four things with four limbs, not five things. The dynamic boundary, if I'm understanding the reference, is a little less dynamic without the engine coupled to the wings.)

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