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Re: Ueshiba taking Ukemi

Who gets to be the arbitor of whether you were being too obscure. Or I was being obtuse.
In that event teachers take Ukemi in Daito ryu. Just depends where you are and who you know.
And in MMA its part and parcel of the whole game. Just doesn't look anything like Ukemi. You're too busy fighting back. Leather does wonders.
Of course there is a point with playing the uke roll and training resistence and what it does for them. But the end goals should be ever increasing to an eventual stalemate. An ever increasing equality. An end game if you will. Not the continual energy-exchange work you often see in Aikido. Thats a self-fulfilling middle game. With no true higher level except for the same middle game now... played with increased (some would say artificial or unusable) sensitivity to the same exchange.

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