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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

David Knowlton wrote:
"Perhaps the real question is, "Where do you set the boundaries of your aikido?" What is inside and outside your field of study?" - Ted Ehara

Stolen from the thread - "Why are you Here?" asked by D. Hooker Sensei.
One question here is: Why set boundaries, anyway? Terms like 'field of study' seem to imply that the setting of boundaries here is a conscious activity, like something one undertakes at college.

Another line of thinking, seen in the second post in this thread, is that the 'boundaries' are unconscious, like a certain conception of frames, and become conscious only when they are questioned in Internet discussion forums. I think this over-emphasizes the role of such discussion forums in one's own training.

Another way of setting boundaries could be defining what one is doing, which, again, is a difficult activity and one that is not always necessary.

I do not think that training is influenced so much by the thoughts that might be going on in our own heads and when it is so influenced, and we need to talk about what we think we are doing, we resort largely to metaphor. Hence the sometimes fruitful discussions in Internet discussion forums.

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