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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

David Knowlton wrote:
Erick Mead wrote:
I'll start with O Sensei as an indisputable foundation and work outward contingently on any reasoned disputes that arise from that point.
Erick, this statement is quite disputable - anything you read that OSensei wrote is thrice removed from reality:

He experienced what he experienced - then

1. he had to think about it
2. he had to write what he thought about
3. what he had thought about and written about had to be translated into English
Noise. All communication has noise. That does not mean there is no signal. Creative uses of noise can even clarify a signal.
David Knowlton wrote:
If 'OSensei' is the boundary of your aikido then I think you dishonor his legacy.
Who said the boundary is static? Dynamic boundaries are among the most critical and dangerously useful that exist - like the boundary of oil and water, the membranes of your cells, the surface of water in air the boundary layer of air over a lifting wing.

It wasn't static while he was alive, why should it be now that he is dead? That does not mean that the boundary has no meaning or is purely arbitrary. It is real -- and just as critical. His priniciples are coherent, from within his interpretive structure. Working to bring them out in our idiom is the harder part. If Japanese or Chinese poetry can be translated, so can he ...
David Knowlton wrote:
Can we not pick a few basic tenets of his, and proceed from there? I have a personal commitment to nonviolence.
"Too many notes, Mozart. Cut a few and it will be perfect." said the Emperor.

"Which few did you have in mind, Majesty" said Mozart.


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