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Mike Sigman
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Re: Everyone been training for 30+ years?

Rob Liberti wrote:
I still feel that Saotome and Gleason sensei have wonderful kokyu. Saotome sensei was a shihan before I was born,so I may not catch him anytime soon. Gleason sensei practices using his sword daily.
Maybe the very first thing you should do, before you start throwing the word "kokyu" around, is to decide exactly what "kokyu" is. Try a definition.

I asked a pretty serious question, Rob, and it's still there. Logically, if you didn't know the kokyu/jin things that Dan showed you, then you cannot be in a position to assert who has kokyu because you're unfamiliar with it. So your remark, which is an assertion you also made some time ago, that Gleason and Saotome have "wonderful kokyu" is untenable, logically. And I'm not going to be the only one spotting that logical gap, Rob. If no one is supposed to mention it, fine, but that doesn't make it go away.

But let's say that in reality, one or both of those men has "wonderful kokyu"... why didn't they teach you even the basics so that you could recognize basic performances when you see them done by Dan? Maybe you mean something else and that's why I'm asking you a question *in relation to assertions you made.*
Now I have access indirectly to Wang Hai Jun and directly to Dan - both of whom are remarkably helpful without having to be mean.
I doubt you're going to come in as an outsider and get more help than Wang Hai Jun's own students do, Rob. I'll say the same thing that I said to Dan.... there are a lot of people that like and respect Wang Hai Jun and they don't like seeing his name "dropped" as some casual, helpful guy (read "familiarly"). It would be about the same as me dropping Saotome's name as someone I was getting useful information from... you might see the point. Insofar as anyone being "mean"...
I may not bother to check this board for another 18 months. I'm much younger than you, I can simply wait.
Class act, Rob.

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