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Re: Wearing Hakama

I actually have no desire to wear the magic pants...err Hakama. I find them a pain for even my seniors to wear them. I can't see the feet of people trying to teach me when they wear them, and I see the process of putting them on and taking them off as really annoying. In fact, from day one my first question to my teacher was "Do you have to wear a hakama?".

Lucky the club I train prohibits wearing one until 2nd kyu. Even then it is optional. Personally, I perfer to wear a pair of fight shorts and a rash guard, but I can still understand functional reasons for wearing a gi, the hakama however just seems like a layer of humdrum used as a motivator and a symbol of status (at least in my club). There is nothing wrong with that, I see how it inspires people to train harder, and it is useful in learning who the guys to ask questions are (although our club is small and after a month or two, you know them all by heart anyways). I still find it more of a time consuming distraction anyways.

But maybe that is just because I'm not allowed to wear one? If I do ever reach a rank in which I can wear one, I will probably wear one just so I don't upset the balance of the class. It's not like it will hurt anything by wearing one.

- Don
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