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Re: Everyone been training for 30+ years?

The question was why so many posters weren't posting. Sorry, Jun, but it was "personal".

It's been so long. Love and kisses right back at you.
I still feel that Saotome and Gleason sensei have wonderful kokyu. Saotome sensei was a shihan before I was born,so I may not catch him anytime soon. Gleason sensei practices using his sword daily. I can't get away with that in my office right now but I can do exercises Dan showed me. I think his way may be faster. I bought your tapes too you know. I never said I wasn't looking for better/other ways. I just didn't think your way by tape worked too well for me. Now I have access indirectly to Wang Hai Jun and directly to Dan - both of whom are remarkably helpful without having to be mean. I hope that is active and assertive enough. I won't even attempt to get a last word. I may not bother to check this board for another 18 months. I'm much younger than you, I can simply wait.
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