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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Dan Harden wrote:
I'd only echo the comments you are getting here and in that other thread from Mike. Get out and feel this stuff.
I pretty much think your wrong (all do respect) on two counts:
1. That it has nothing to do with aikido
2, That you even know what it is we're talking about to say it is not relevant in the first place.
Why should I assume that what you say has value over what I know, any more than you should take what I say in preference to what you know? Ths is the eternal trap of subjective knowledge. Evaluating these things is aprt of what this forum is about. Objective mechanics is the plainest, most neutral common ground on these issues in a forum such as this.

Dan Harden wrote:
"Do whatever you want. I'll stop you and I won't do a single thing to hurt you nor will I do a technique."
"All your efforts will just be meangingless."
Where does that leave us? Hmm.....Lets think.... Stop an attack without causng harm. Hmmm.....where have I heard that?
It is the very essence of the spirit of Aikido.....and boundless in expression.
No. I have already said the issue of resistance is problematic. That pradigm described above does not bring harmony, in the sense of katsu hayabi, which destroys all thought of further attack, but merely raises frustration to the attacker. That is the tone of these discussions continually, toying and baiting. Which is the road to escalation and the opposite of what Aikido is about.

You will say it is merely a training exercise, but that is the point -- you do what you train to do.

Persuade me different. That's what this place is for.


Erick Mead
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