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Exclamation Re: Wearing Hakama

A Hakama is a skirt like garment meant to cover a Kimono for formal occasions. If the garment has seperate legs it is not a Hakama and used while riding horses. There are many types of Hakama anything from a thin one used for woodworkers to keep thier undergarnments clean to a Womans version.

The myth that a Hakama is to hide leg movements is a fairytail. Never has it been intended for this and it hardly would work. Samurai before battle would pull up the Hakama several inches to free up thier movements. People that say it's gives the illusion of floating have been watching too many science fiction movies.

Wherever you train if the policy is not to allow you to wear the Hakama then I guess you have to live with it. The garment alone is hardly an indication of proficiency.

Go out, buy a silk kimono,Hakama and an Obi. If you can figure out how all the knots should be tied and garments layered go out and have some Sushi. Nobody will mistake you for a 5th Dan.

Michael Ludwick

P.S> I hope this clears things up. Good Health.
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