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Re: Ki-Society Workshop in Denver, Dec 06

Craig Hocker wrote:
Shaner Sensei was an Otomo for Tohei Sensei when he was younger and liiving as an uchideshi in Japan. I think that was after he was following Tohei Sensei around on his tours of the states like a Grateful Dead fan in the 70's.

Shaner Sensei was also a favorite student of the late Iwao Tamura Sensei, 9th dan Ki Society.

Hard to believe he wasn't included on the inner side.
Fair enough, Craig. Bear in mind that my comment cuts two ways in that it assumes things that Tohei knows and does. Frankly, I'm a little bit in murky waters here because less than 2 years ago my impression was that the knowledge of Ki things was extremely limited in Japanese martial arts (I'm supported in that, BTW, in evaluations made by Donn Draeger in his writing). I personally see that I was pretty wrong (which means Draeger was, too), but I can't adequately judge how far off I was. Knowing what I know of CMA's, there are still areas of the Ki skills that I have never seen in any traditional Japanese art. So what Tohei knows is still an open discussion; what I'm assuming Tohei knows was not fully reflected in what I could see of Shaner Sensei. I hope you understand that I'm offering as clinical a guess as I can and that I'm detatched from any politics, etc.

Incidentally, I think I'll go copy a comment from the "relaxation" thread over to this thread and wait and see if it moves forward. There's actually a number of telling points that can be made in discussions that critically analyse the physical phenomena, although I'm well aware that you know this as well or better than I do.


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