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Mike Sigman
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Re: Everyone been training for 30+ years?

Rob Liberti wrote:
I was tired of reading that my responses to someone's nasty persecusion complex was my being passive aggressive (I was always quite active and assertive if you ask me). Or if I challenged one of the supporting statements of someone's deduction, being told I was making a straw man arguement. It sucked the life out of me after a while.

Regardless, Dan Harden showed me some excellent excercises. I spend most of my free time doing them now. -Rob
Well... I think I know to whom you're referring in your non-passive-aggressive way there, Rob, and I'm sure you didn't mean to be passive aggressive by bringing in something totally extraneous like that.......

However, more to the point, when last seen on the forum, you were talking (in a non-passive-agressive way, of course) about how you already knew most of this stuff via Saotome, Gleason, etc., and now you're publicly posting that you've discovered this new-to-you material from Dan Harden which sounds exactly like the stuff I was trying to tell you about. I'm simply puzzled as hell......

Why not let's jump-shift off the personality-swipe stuff because I don't see how you can sustain it, frankly, and because I simply don't want to continue with that crap. How about some pure discussions on what you encountered, how you analyse them, etc., instead of the digressions? I'll be happy to discuss at that level of analysis.... and that's what I was doing at one time, if you'll check the archives.


Mike Sigman
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