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Hi Peter and Chuck,

The true Budo: What I meant is that since the founder of Aikido called it Budo and intended it to be Budo, so probably it is Budo To say Aikido is The true Budo is an exaggeration and I agree with you.

One of the most sophisticated....: Chuck, I never said The most sophisticated. I'm sure there are other sophisticated MA, but Aikido happens to be perhaps the most known. Honestly I've never heard about the arts you mention

Life preserving and law-friendliness: It is true that life preservation is the main theme for all Koryu arts, but it seems that aikido teachings emphasize this the most, I guess, not only in words but in practice as well. As for damage potential, it seems to me that Aikido techniques have been modified from their original jujutsu versions in a way to make them much less dangerous. I'm sure that a skilled Aikidoka can reverse this and use Aikido techniques in a damaging way if he wanted to. However, if Aikido techniques as taught and practiced were as dangerous as you say, half of the Tomiki Aikido practitioners would be in hospitals.

I just wanted to clarify my point of view.

Best regards,
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