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Mike Sigman
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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Erick Mead wrote:
Mike Sigman wrote:
Well, I think the major error you're making is that you think the ki things are purely aspects of normal body-mechanics.
No one has demonstrated that they are not.
Erick, what you mean is that no one has demonstrated to YOU that these are not normal body mechanics. However, if that's all they were, the Asians wouldn't have made such a fuss about them for thousands of years, Ueshiba wouldn't have treated them like secrets that one was supposed to "figure out for yourself", I wouldn't have spent years learning how to train these things with breathing, standing postures, practice, etc. I did an in-service (I wrote about this before) for the Physical Therapy staff at the UC Med School... *they* thought the mechanics were abnormal. I know a large number of experienced martial artists who can do so level of these things... after my years of experience and knowing all the people I know, I cannot imagine getting into a conversation about the mechanics and positing that it's unknown whether unusual body mechanics are involved.

So it's not a matter of "no one has demonstrated they are not (normal body mechanics)" .... why not just say that you yourself are unaware of any unusual body mechanics? That happens to be a point I have been making repeatedly to you for some time. You don't know this stuff.

If your analysis misses the point, then the comments about relaxation in relation to your analysis are negligible. However, to be clear, I think that any conversation about this stuff has to reach out and touch a number of issues.


Mike Sigman
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