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Re: How to teach and train relaxation

Christian Moses wrote:
Why not tell them where they're tense instead of using an ambibuous statement? If they ask "How?" that's a perfect opportunity to add more clairty to what's going on. If they ask if they were doing it incorrectly, tell them, "Yup, you were..." We're constantly giving each other feedback like, you're activating your biceps, you're chest is too tense, you need to relax your lower back muscles... I realize too that the way we train isn't completely in line with the Ki Society, since we pretty much reject the idea that you must relax the entire body, so this may not apply to your training paradigm.
I think that having a student ask me 'How?' is of course perfectly reasonable, however, a positive state of mind is vital to being able to relax confidently. Hence I would not start by saying 'relax correctly' since it implies that what the student is normally doing is incorrect, this can affect their confidence and therefore their ability to perform the exercise. A small matter but I think perhaps you'd be surprised at how much difference it can make.


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