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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

David Knowlton wrote:
The beauty of the tensegrity icosahedron is that when you push two of the sticks together - the other two sets of sticks move together also. The sticks and strings - in balanced tension and compression - beautifully demonstrate unity in multiplicity. If you push on one part of the structure it reacts as a whole - no single part moves in isolation. This is the underlying principle of the 'my body is all one thing' that folks are proposing.
Not when they go on about pushing -- not moving -- and trying to connect that mode of grounding or inertial resistance to aikido. I get internal adaptive motion (which is why I gave you an alternaive physical model of the action), but non-resistive internal adaptations are not invisible. That is why I can identify visible movement in all the O Sensei videos so far offered on him allegedly being "unmoved." The tendency, especially for beginners, is to interpret what they are talking about internally as requiring "resistance." If they are actually grounding dynamic forces -- it is resistance. This is a commonplace problem in kokyu tanden ho exercises that must be overcome.

So -- how about the chain tip, slower, same or faster accleration?


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