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Re: Poll: How often do you train until the point of exhaustion in your aikido practice?

I clicked seldom, but I'm not sure if my version of exaustion is the same as some of the posters here! If you train regularly to exaustion then obviously you must be very fit. I would say, at the point of exaustion I would be barely able to stand, may have uncontrollable shakes, definately feel like vomiting or shi**ing myself. I've managed to get my pulse to 220 before without feeling these syptoms. Ueshiba used to do bokken cuts 'till he passed out. That to me is exaustion. Feeling out of breath is just being unfit. Similarly feeling like you want to stop but don't could be at various levels of intensity (maybe that night you're just unenthusiatic).

I'd agree with previous posts, that training to exaustion is not always beneficial for skills learning. However often during gradings I don't start the grading until the student is close to exaustion - in this way I can see what their body can do under stress, rather than see what their mind can do when they are thinking about the techniques. Also helps build up psychological determination.

P.S. we've started doing 3 mins of striking on the focus mits pretty much each week) which is very tiring. One of my students looked like he was dying he was so exausted (bent over, deathly pale) and I shouted 'go on, hurt the b***tard' - to my suprise he suddenly perked up and hit harder and faster than I've ever seen anyone hit before or since!

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