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Re: Personal Views on Ukemi

Ian Dodkins wrote:
The roles of uke and nage may not be clear to an external observer, because the ukes force is being blended with effectively, however to nage, they should always feel in control, stable and responsive (exactly the opposite of uke).

I'm afraid I have to disagree Ian, if uke is out of control, unstable and not responsive, then, they are not much of a challenge

For me, the practice of the art of ukemi is where I have gained the most in my understanding of aikido. I love practicing the role of nage, but it is when I am uke that I have really started to see/feel the intricacies of the techniques. A uke that is always stable, resposive and in control, provides nage with a formidable partner with which to explore the dynamics of a technique.

In general I agree with Mark's analysis (however, that doesn't make it objectively 'right' )

I feel that writing about ukemi is a little like trying to describe what a strawberry tastes like. There is some common agreement amongst those who have tasted similar fruit, and confusion among those who haven't



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