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Re: Personal Views on Ukemi

Good analysis, but I'd disagree. To me ukemi is simply about protecting your body and enabling more rapid training.

I don't think the roles of uke and nage can or should ever be confused. I have seen this occur in 'blending' training, where the instructor is teaching nage to respond to uke sensetively - however often the uke starts to blend with nage, for example following a grabbed arm around like a dog-leash. Ueshiba (apparently) had said, one of you has to be the devil (uke) and one the angel (nage).

The roles of uke and nage may not be clear to an external observer, because the ukes force is being blended with effectively, however to nage, they should always feel in control, stable and responsive (exactly the opposite of uke).

Admittedly, for beginner nage, an experienced uke may 'help' by guiding, but very rapidly the attacks should be sincere and 'normal' (i.e. not running forwards, just striking forwards)


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