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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?


The beauty of the tensegrity icosahedron is that when you push two of the sticks together - the other two sets of sticks move together also. The sticks and strings - in balanced tension and compression - beautifully demonstrate unity in multiplicity. If you push on one part of the structure it reacts as a whole - no single part moves in isolation. This is the underlying principle of the 'my body is all one thing' that folks are proposing.

Sensei Ledyard,

I respect you very much sir. However, I will express some disagreement: I have heard God's voice myself, and had my own spiritual experiences. Dropping the argument that I may be insane for same - I have no interest in OSensei's spiritual discoveries. I try to walk the path he put me on - but I have zero attachment to what he discovered. I must find my own way. I am paying attention to the method he gave me, and letting the results care for themselves. How else can I find the truth?

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