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Originally posted by Edward
Well, if you go back to the founder's words, he said clearly that Aikido is the true Budo.

Wellll, OK, he said that. He also said a lot of other things that we probably oughtn't take exactly literally.

Aikido is _a_ budo. It was for Ueshiba _his_ true budo. It is not for all beings _the_ true budo. The challenge we have as students of budo is to find, each of us, our OWN true budo.

Obviously we are doing one of the most refined, sophisticated and modern martial arts.

Hoo boy. Have you ever seen really, really good judo? Takenouchi Ryu jujutsu? Kashima Shinryu? There are many budo out there that easily rival (and some, I might venture surpass) aikido in terms of refinement, sophistication, etc etc.

Aikido is a great budo, don't mistake me, but it is not the ultimate budo. It might be for _you_ and that's fine. However, to make such a statement: 'we are doing one of the most refined, sophisticated and modern martial arts' ... sheesh. Dunno, that's not even close to the mark, I fear.

The true Budo is the one which preserves life not takes it away. It is by being able to cause damage but choosing not to that you can be a real Martial Artist.

Sentiments found in MANY of the koryu and older gendai budo. There is nothing to be found in aikido that was not already found in the koryu and gendai budo from which it was synthesized.

Katsujinken/satsujinken had been around a long time before Ueshiba took his first judo lesson way back when.

Over the years, Ueshiba developed a fine budo, one well-suited for self-examination, self-improvement and (as a bonus) for self defense (on many levels). He took elements of many disparate things and molded them into a cohesive whole that suited his particular (and often damned quirky) personality and then offered that to the world.

He was no Messiah and his art is not Gospel. He was a funny, spiritual, grumpy, feisty, weird old man in his later years. He spent hours talking about bringing the kami into his body in order to do his aikido.

He went on lengthy diatribes about how his art took budo to a new level (well, hell, so did a lot of other old guys who were putting similar arts together).

Kano wasn't as spiritual. He was a highly-educated, internationall respected educator. His judo shows that influence. Kendo and seitei iaido are budo built by committee and that shows. Aikido was built by a man who was quite a brawler in his own right, not particularly well-educated, deeply influenced by a couple of very, very weird characters, who had visions, talked to the kami, and lived a very strange life.

To say aikido is the most sophisticated budo? No. Not even close. It is complex and deep, but there are other budo more complex, other budo offering philosophies that are just as sophisticated and valid.

Of course, Aikido is also the Martial Art which is most Law-friendly. By not causing damage, you stay away from jail

Please look at that statement very, very carefully. Aikido can potentially cause GREAT damage. People are hurt on the mat in dojo across the world every day.

Aikido techniques are not safe, non-violent, atacker-friendly. Using aikido technique on someone not trained to take ukemi can be disastrous.


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